Library Mission:

Empower residents and build a better community through learning, knowledge, and inspiration.


Vision for Tillamook County

People who live in Tillamook County want a good life, as each defines it.  There is an expressed need for greater unity, a more unified approach to addressing the needs and leveraging the strengths of the county, and  a unified identity knitting together north, central, and south.  It is this compelling need that inspires our vision for the county. 

Many communities, one County, and a good life for all!


Tell Your Story!

Has the library made a difference in your life?  We would love to hear your story.  You can email us at '' with your story.  Also, you can visit our Facebook page to tell us your story, or print this form, fill it out and bring it to any library branch.  If you have a great photo taken at the library, we would love to see it!  Fill out the photo release and drop it by the library.  

Library Values

As previously noted, the Library Futures Plan has been a joint effort of the Tillamook County Library leadership:  the Library Board, library management, and library staff.  The public library is the backbone of a democratic society because an educated informed citizenry is the underpinning of democratic governance.  This fundamental principle and the following essential concepts are key to the provision of library services in Tillamook County.

  • Intellectual freedom and the right to know is a fundamental right of every person.
  • The Library is dedicated to knowledge creation and the betterment of our communities.
  • Including everyone enriches the whole County community.
  • The continuous improvement and evolution of the Library in collaboration with our communities is our responsibility. 
  • The financial viability of the Library ensures we are able to meet our community's expectations.
Locations Marker

Tillamook County Library Branches


571 Laneda
Manzanita, OR

Rockaway Beach

120 N Coral
Rockaway Beach, OR


City Hall
Garibaldi, OR

Bay City

Community Hall
Bay City, OR


1716 Third Street
Tillamook, OR

South Tillamook County

6200 Camp Street
Pacific City, OR


1716 Third Street
Tillamook, OR
503.842.4792 ext. 1710

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