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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If passed, what would be the cost of the proposed library levy on the May 16 ballot?
A: This measure would renew a five-year library levy that will expire in June, 2017. The levy amount would remain at 65¢ per $1,000 of assessed value, the same as the current rate. This replacement levy would run from July, 2017 through June, 2022. In 2017, owners of a home with an average assessed value of $100,000 (not market value) would pay about $65. Taxes for future years would depend upon changes in assessed value.

Q. What would happen if the levy does not pass?
A. The expiring levy provides over 95% of the total revenue supporting the Tillamook County library system. There are no other identified funding sources to support the libraries in Tillamook, Bay City, Garibaldi, Manzanita, Pacific City and Rockaway Beach or the county bookmobile.

Q. If passed, what would the levy support?
A. The levy would provide support for public library services countywide in five ways:

Support public library operations:

  • Maintain libraries that serve all county residents in Tillamook, Bay City, Garibaldi, Manzanita, Pacific City and Rockaway Beach.
  • Maintain bookmobile service, which visits 120 locations monthly.
  • Maintain library open hours.

Support reading programs for children and teens:

  • Maintain children’s reading programs that average over 5,500 child visits each year. This includes annual summer reading programs and literacy programs for preschoolers so more children enter school ready to read.
  • Enhance summer reading activities designed to sustain reading retention between school years.
  • Maintain reading and learning programs for students, including online homework and tutoring services designed to improve school success for all children in the County.

Support books and materials purchases:

  • Maintain purchase of books, e-books and other materials that would be available to all users of libraries in Tillamook County.

Support services for adults and seniors:

  • Maintain services and programs that enrich and enhance the lives of adults and seniors, including bookmobile visits to nursing homes, summer reading programs and informational and cultural events.

Support library information and resources for job-seekers:

  • Maintain library services that provide information, resources and instruction to assist those seeking jobs.

How much revenue would the library levy generate?
Replacing the expiring Library Levy would generate approximately $15.2 million over five fiscal years. The year-by-year totals would be: $2,870,000 in 2017-18, $2,956,100 in 2018-19, $3,044,783 in 2019-20, $3,136,126 in 2020-21 and $3,230,210 in 2021-22.

How many people use libraries?
According to Tillamook County Library’s 2015-16 usage statistics, 74% of all Tillamook County residents hold library cards (almost 19,000 people). In 2015-16, people visited Tillamook County libraries over 195,000 times and countywide circulation totaled almost 404,000 items. In that same year, library patrons logged on to library internet computers or utilized library Wi-Fi over 64,000 times, while program attendance at the system’s six libraries averaged over 1,100 a month.

What is the history of Tillamook County Library funding?
Since 1983, the library has been funded by operating levies. The renewal levy rate of 65¢ per $1,000 of assessed value was first approved by voters in 2007 and was last renewed in 2012.

Why are local option property tax levies frequently put on the ballot?
Since Oregon voters approved Measure 50 in 1997, local governments and special districts in Oregon are prohibited from asking voters for increases in permanent property tax rates. Voter-authorized local option levies for general purposes, such as public safety or library services, are temporary and can be requested for a maximum of five years at a time.

Where can I find more information about the library levy?
Contact Tillamook County Library Director Sara Charlton at 503.842.4792.


This information was reviewed by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office for compliance with ORS 260.432.

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